Brazillian Portuguese datavoice

Hello! First of all, I’m loving SynthV

I’d like to know, is there a foreseen for lauching a brazillian portuguese datavoice? (male and female)

Thank you.

I dont think we will see any Latin language (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian,etc …) database soon. Nothing has been announced. They have jñonly recently launched a second Chinese language, so my guess is their Asian market is bigger than the American, European, etc. so they focus on the Asian languages and have English to cover the rest of the international market.
I would not be surprised to see Korean support before Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc.
To work in Spanish I also need to make workarounds and the results are not up to pro standards.

That makes sense, only in China they have billion of people…
That’s sad for us not having other languages to cover at least the main ones (those u said and a few more), singing in Brazil is very very popular, also spanish cause even me listen to spanish music…
Well, for now the way is wait, cause composing and publishing robotic/strange voice sing music in social media is bad cause u cant substitute later (let’s say u hardly got 1mi views on youtube, delete to publish a refined one? probably not…) that’s sad

I think Dreamtonics would gain a lot if they started producing voice models in Portuguese, based on data:

  • Brazil has always been one of the most influential countries on and off the internet;
  • Since the beginning of Vocaloid, Brazilian fans have always been the most active within the fandom, such as the strength of Vocaloid Brasil at the time, which even helped produce Maika, one of the best-known and most influential voices in Brazil, second only to Crypton voices.
  • With the culture still rooted in anime and manga, which has always walked hand in hand with Vocaloid, presenting SynthV and Brazilian voices is quite easy if they are presented during anime fairs and the design has marketing appeal
  • Even with voicebanks that don’t speak Portuguese natively, there are many large channels that make PT-BR content, which can exponentially increase the sales and makerting of these voices.
  • Within SynthV, even though it doesn’t support Portuguese, we also have several creators who use the cross-language tool to create wonderful covers that are close to fluent in PT-BR. Adding full support would only help them.
  • If we take the market outside the anime context and go professional, we have Lucas from Fresno who is well known in the music production market and who also has an album recorded using Hatsune Miku that he made during the pandemic.
  • There are tests with SVS AI using open source technologies such as DiffSinger to create PT-BR models, so implementation would be not difficult since there is data and work to be used in the base.

Below we can see some channels that use Vocaloid and SynthV to create content in Brazilian Portuguese

  • Nachokuma

  • MattPlusBC



  • KneeLow

  • Spacexyuu

  • CoffeeMilk

  • Xiao Pingguo

  • Im G Felipe

  • Princess