Is Feng Yi currently the only voice who can sing in French?

Of course, French is not officially supported, but I tried synthesizing French few times, taking advantage of cross-lingual synthesis. And I concluded that Feng Yi is currently the only voice who can sing in French.

The idea is simple: Just use her Opera parameter for simulating nasal vowels. Mandarin A for French “an”/“en”, Cantonese E for French “in”, Mandarin o for French “on”, and Mandarin a for French “un”; and set the Opera parameter to 150% on these vowels. This alone may render the nasal vowels too aurally distinctive, so tweak some other parameters as well; preferably Power to 50%.

Though the question is… Can any other voices do this? Personally, I pity over Ryo for his Nasal parameter doing nothing significantly noticeable. Nor there seems to be a global parameter that can simulate nasal vowels. What should we hope?


well theres another opera style voice available. maybe you can accomplish the same there? plus if there’s a will there’s a way, you can probably get some approximately french sounding vocals out of a lot of the voices, by experimenting A LOT with combining different phonemes.

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It turns out that Asterian’s Theatrical parameter can also simulate nasal vowels quite well. Oscar’s Nasal parameter too.