Synthesizer V AI POPY & ROSE: New Japanese voice databases from Bushiroad Inc. available December 21, 2023

Two voice databases have been announced for Synthesizer V Studio, POPY and ROSE, releasing on December 21, 2023.

These characters made their vocal synth debut on CeVIO AI last year and are based on the vocalists of Poppin’ Party and Roselia from the multimedia project BanG Dream.

A note for international buyers:

As characters that are part of a large multimedia brand, these voice databases will likely have much more strict terms of use than we are accustomed to.

For users in Japan this will be less of an obstacle, but getting permission to release commercial works may be difficult for people overseas.

If the guidelines match those of their CeVIO counterparts, you will only be allowed to use TuneCore Japan and BIG UP! as distribution services. I do not know if these services are accessible by people outside Japan, so unless the terms are different than anticipated or someone can tell us whether that’s possible, international users may not be able to post their works to streaming services.

Please take appropriate caution before buying if you intend to use these voices commercially and do not live in Japan.

(DeepL translation)

:gem: Yume no Yusho latest information :gem:

:sparkles: SynthesizerV AI Yume no Yusho POPY/ROSE release decision :sparkles:

Release date: Thursday, December 21, 2023

Limited made-to-order packages will also be released at the Bushiroad Online Store, and a distribution event will be held in which all purchasers can participate! !

Reservations are only available for a limited time from today to November 15th (Wednesday), so hurry up :blush:

#バンドリ #バンドリTVLIVE #夢ノ結唱


You can find more information about the original CeVIO voices, including information about the voice providers and character concepts, on the CeVIO wiki:

POPY | CeVIO Wiki | Fandom
ROSE | CeVIO Wiki | Fandom

Additionally, you can find the music of Poppin’ Party and Roselia on most major streaming services:

A demo will be released in the near future. The song is produced by Masayuki Nakano from THE SPELLBOUND (formerly BOOM BOOM SATELLITES).

(DeepL translation)

The most recent information about :gem:Yume no Yusha​:gem:.


Produced music will be provided!

Enjoy the collaboration with the singing voice of SynthesizerV AI Yume no Yusha​:blush:.


Pre-orders are available on the Bushiroad store for the physical editions. The Bushiroad store only ships within Japan, so purchasing the physical editions internationally will require use of a proxy or shipping redirection service.

Digital editions of the CeVIO versions of POPY and ROSE are available from DLsite and Amazon Japan, so we can likely expect their SynthV Studio counterparts to be sold there as well.

POPY’s vocal modes are Soft, Powerful, Mellow, and Joyful.
ROSE’s vocal modes are Natural, Powerful, Mellow, and Ballad.

Full press release:


The first demonstration is now available, with our first look at POPY for Synthesizer V Studio!


ROSE’s simple demonstration is posted.


Looking good!

ROSE’s demonstration is now also available!

This is a comment from Masayuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES/THE SPELLBOUND:

(translated with DeepL, original text in the video description)

I used up all the supple expressiveness that ROSE’s voice possesses. I created the song with the image of a powerful diva, maximising both pitch and dynamics. Yusuke Kobayashi’s lyrics seem to depict the process of attaining freedom, where one can continue to flap one’s wings to any extent. It is at the same time emo, with physical expressions that transcend human limitations and the illusion that you are viewing an elaborate transhumanist science fiction work.

And because I missed it the first time, this is the comment from Masayuki Nakano regarding POPY’s demo (linked higher up in this topic):

Can we be emotionally involved in the generated singing voice? Can ghosts exist?
Like a living thing, like a non-living thing,
I want everyone to feel and confirm such sensations by touching this software.

It was a good opportunity for me to think objectively about the primitive act of people singing songs.
I felt like I was taking part in an intellectual game, to the extent that I was philosophising about the extent to which the synthesised voice and music have a soul.

I believe that this new voice synthesis software will give creators a great deal of freedom and at the same time provide them with a new venue to showcase their talents and abilities.

POPY is a song that is not in this world, but is a memory of a singer and her views on life and death.

I hope that listeners will enjoy whether these can guide the listener, or whether the listener can relive the experience of a singer who does not exist.

I am excited that when the day eventually comes when we cover this song with THE SPELLBOUND, we will be able to reach the essence of the singer, her voice and her music.

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