1.10.0 Bug: Inserting lyrics does NOT work in some notes

Hi, there…
Using win10, version 1.10.0, Kasane Teto ver.103, Mai ver.103
PC specs: RAM 48GB, Quadro M2200 4GB.

When I insert lyrics by using “Insert Lyrics”, most of the part it does work BUT in some part it doesn’t.

I inserted correct Japanese words but NOTHING is shown on the notes only in some parts.

I tried resetting, restarting, cut&pasting but nothing has changed:(

When I deleted the notes and put them again, or inserting one-by-one, it works at once, BUT the bug appears by changing singers or reopening the file.

Using ver.1.8.x, there has never been such a bug.

Screenshot (the highlighted notes are corrupted):

Thank you for reading:)