The dictionary problem

The dictonary is a big Problem, I think.

I saved many words in my Personal dictonary in the program itself in a Project.
When I Open another project this collection of words isnt there. The list is empty and there is no posibility to load it.
How can I load my own collection of this words in Other Projects?

I don’t remember if I’ve found this on this forum, but it has been the ultimate reminder for me

The problem is, that I cannot load my dictonary in a new product. The list is empty.

The list of dictionaries is based on the native language for the selected voice database. If you want to use the same dictionary with two voices that have different native languages, then you need to manually copy the file to the other folder.

For example, if you have an English dictionary you use for Solaria and you want to use it on Kasane Teto, you need to go to the folder and copy it from english-arpabet to japanese-romaji even if the lyrics are in English.


Ok, I will try it. Thank you