Please add these features for future updates!

Hi! I have multiple feature request down below! (Please read also the replies too since I couldn’t post all on this one post)

  1. Updating multiple voicebanks and editor by one click

We’re at the point that many users own more than 10 individual voicebank in SynthV that are regularly updated, we should have an easy way to update them all at once.

I think it’s tedious that we have to individually update editor and voicebanks one by one. I think it would be more convenient if there was a button for “update all”. A progress bar showing where/what updating at the moment for that would be neat too.

  1. A way to cut a note in half

In VOCALOID5 and 6 this is called “scissor” or in OpenUtau “knife” tool. What does that do is to cut note where a cursor is placed like on this gif:


  1. Korean and Spanish support

More language support is more than welcome!

Spanish community is super big after English community in West and Korean is very popular after Japanese and Chinese languages - not to mention K-pop is in too!

I know many users that uses SynthV AI to synthesise Spanish or Korean singing by manual phoneme editing of mixing existing supported languages. Currently, from all commercial vocal synths, only Vocaloid supports Spanish and Korean officially and both of them haven’t got any new voices nearly a decade despite demand from community.

I think if would be a good time to consider adding these languages for future updates. I think people are now more than ever willing to buy voicebanks that aren’t their native language thanks to cross-lingual feature and more AI has offered.

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Since forum didn’t allow me to attach more than one file in a post, I’m replying here for more.

  1. Visual consonant duration editing

While playing around consonant duration between values 20% to 180% is alright, I think it would be helpful if we had also a more visual editing option like in image below:

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 21.41.05

This is just my personal preference but I would rather see an audio render as whole at bottom (like in OpenUtau) rather than what SynthV does it currently. See image below
Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 21.37.57

This is all for now, thanks for reading!

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