workflow with external melody tool

I am looking for an efficient worklfow for continuously evolving the lyrics and melody of vocal track inside Synthesizer V together with an external tool for the melody.

I can image a workflow that uses an intermediate track in Synthesizer V that is used for drag & drop the MIDI of the evolved melody from the other tool (Melody Sauce 2, Captain Melody e.g.), by using the “create new tracks” option in the popup dialog after drag & drop MIDI file om the UI of Synthesier V.

After that I could copy over the lyrics from the current “real voice track” into the imported notes of the intermediate track and finally copy the “new notes + current lyrics” into the “real voice track” replacing the old notes or delete them beforehand.

This could work in the early stages of the song, but as soon as I adjust parameters like vibrato and alike, they get lost in this workflow.

Is there a better approach or maybe a script for that?

As I saw that Lua scripts are able to access files, a “merge midi file” script could read the exported MIDI file and merge in only the notes, preserving the lyrics and all the parameters as well.

Another option, more hack alike ;-), could be to write a little app that works directly on the Synthesizer V project file (SVP file) as this seems to be in JSON format, hence transparent and I could imagine that the JSON structure is somehow related to the documented script API.

Either the script or the project-file approach could lead to preserve the lyrics and also the paramters one has adjusted already.

I know this kind of syncing leads to lots of cases in which its hard to distinguish what’s new and hence to add, what’s to update and what’s to delete.

But using a reasonable amount (reduction) of cases that would work, could lead to quite nice working solution I think - most obvious if e.g. the amount of notes are the same and they were just transposed in pitch by the external melody tool, whereby it must be clear which notes are meant to be updated, by selecting them in Synthesizer V beforehand or specifying a frame of time in the “app-a-hack” :wink: approach.

Has anyone done or thought about such a tooling yet? Any ideas are very much wellcome.