Vibrato disappears when switching to Sing Mode

I’m having a weird problem in Synth V and I haven’t seen anyone else address it, so it may just be me.

Whenever I enable Sing Mode on a specific note while keeping the other notes in Manual mode, the vibrato and pitch transitions I had on the other notes disappear.

For example, in this picture, all of the notes are set to Manual Mode, and they all have the default vibrato that appears whenever you add a note:

Here, I enabled Sing mode on the last note (the highlighted one) while keeping the others in Manual mode, and you can see how the vibrato on the third note disappeared.

Another example:

All notes set to Manual mode, and Solaria as the singer:

Now, Sing Mode is enabled only on the highlighted note. As you can see, both the previous and the following notes lost their vibrato, even though they’re still set to Manual mode:

This also happens if I change voicebanks (or if I change from one version of a voicebank to another). Here, I changed the voicebank from Solaria to Kevin, and now all of the vibrato and pitch bends disappeared:

This only happens to manual vibrato, not the vibrato that comes from enabling Sing mode or Auto-Pitch tuning. When this issue happens, it affects the entire project, so if I’m working on a song, all of the notes in the song that are set to Manual Mode will be affected, forcing me to retune them again.

I have no idea why this happens and I can’t find a way to fix it.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


Definitely seems like a bug. It makes sense that the sine vibrato would disappear for the note in Sing mode, because the AI-generated curve takes priority, but the ones adjacent shouldn’t be affected…


Thanks Claire. I just sent an email to Dreamtonics. Hopefully they’ll read it.

I sent them an e-mail about it too during the 1.9 beta but yeah still going on unfortunately.

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Are you having the same problem?

Yeah, for quite some time now, the only time it worked well for me was when we had blue notes for manual mode.


As mianamaxi wrote …
This has indeed been the behavior since 1.9+, and the reason I don’t work with 1.9+
It has many of these inconsistencies, ie. another related to this is …

Enable both preserve modes (Manual > Sing & Sing > Manual)
Do the same as you did, create a few notes (connected) then select a single note
Then switch back and forth between Sing and Manual mode several times
You will see that the start (+end) pitch of the note will incremental increase
Eventually becoming a large spike
(Other modes/settings will have somewhat of the same behavior but ie. decrease)

These are reproducible inconsistencies
But I experience many other subtle (and drastic) inconsistent shifts
I wrote Dreamtonics 2 lengthy mails about it, they never responded
Well the 1st they did, 2nd they didn’t, and each update after had no change, actually got worse
I have not given up on 1.10 tho:), still searching for a workflow that get me the consistency I need
Or maybe Dreamtonics will bring it in a future update ?
Hope you have more luck! (write a short mail :smiling_face: )

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I came here to make the same post when I found this one.

I have exactly the same issue. Although I enjoy and praise Synthesizer V very much, this problem causes headaches as the vibrato on the manual notes revert back to zero whenever you do something as mentioned in synthvoice’s post.

Furthermore, vibrato on the manual note reverts to zero also when:

  1. you copy and paste. For instance, when you copy the first verse including a manual note to a latter part of the song to use it as the basis for the second verse.
  2. you move the manual note attaching or detaching next to a “sing” note.
  3. you change the “sing” “manual” status or do an AI retake of the neighboring notes.

Numerous times, I have to go back through the whole song looking for the manual notes, frantically clicking the manual button on and off to get the vibrato back, just to find that they all reverted back to zero again when I made some changes elsewhere.

As the vibrato of manual mode sounds so great, I like to keep it on sustain notes, but also use “sing” notes on shorter phrases as it has been improved so much in the recent updates.

The current status makes this very difficult. I hope this is not a design, and will be improved.

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Just received this response from them.

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I also got a reply from the support team informing that their devs are looking into it.
They also kindly suggested a temporary solution which they found and would like to share it here.

Highlight the manual note(s), go to the note properties tab (not the voice tab) and move the vibrato depth slider to any value. You can also adjust it back to the original value as long as you move it once. By doing so, the vibrato and pitch will stay regardless of what you do to the surrounding notes.

It works and the solution is fine as long as you don’t have any plans to make a one-click change in the voice tab, as the note properties settings takes priority. At least it stops the manual notes from unexpected behavior.

Hope this helps while we wait for a fix.


Nice to hear they are looking into it!
Motivates to send my findings again, this time a short mail:)


I tried that and it seems to work, for the most part.