Way too harsh license conditions.

I’m a songwriter who just recently discovered the possibilities with this software and started to research more in order to buy it. But seriously, the license conditions turn me off. They are much tougher than other music software developers are. My understanding is that you are only allowed to have Synthesizer V installed on one computer, you can’t even have it installed on two and move the license between them. Then you would have to completely uninstall one of the installations. This is frankly extremely harsh and too much to ask of any serious musician who uses more than one computer. Forcing a user to uninstall the software he/she purchased, for a lot of money, to be able to use it on another PC isn’t acceptable either.

I’m using two computers for music production. One stationary and one laptop when I need to be elsewhere and still be able to produce. With all my other software I can move licenses between computers or even have it activated on multiple simultaneously. This is necessary for me. I was hoping to buy this software, but this disrespect for how many musicians work turns me off. I understand the need to prevent piracy, but other developers already have good, working license models that are kinder to composers than you are.

I also read that you get a code with the purchase, that can only be used 3 times for activations. So what happens after those 3 times expires? I need to pay all that money for the software once again?

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When you deactivate the software it returns one use of the code, so you can use your activation code indefinitely as long as you deactivate properly before moving to a different device.

The extra uses are only necessary if you experience hardware failure or don’t deactivate before reinstalling the OS or making major hardware changes (ie actions that could cause the software to think it has been copied to a new machine).


Hi bluebird,

It is technically possible that you can activate on up to three computers at the same time (though it is against the EULA). You don’t need to uninstall or deactivate Synthesizer V on one computer in order to activate it on another one. Which means, in your case, you can run Synthesizer V on both your laptop and the stationary without switching or de- and re-activate the license.

As is mentioned by Claire, the 3 times limit on the activation is designed for system and hardware failure so that you can activate it again on the machine. If you are unfortunate enough to experience more than 3 system failures and thus using up the 3 times of activation, you still have the chance to contact the vendor to reset the license.

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I have installed in 2 computers, no issues so far.