Which voices in Pro standard version

Hi, who can tell me which voices are coming with the €89 version of Synthesizer V Pro?

Hope to hear from!

Only Mai is included with the purchase of the Pro edition.

If you purchase the Pro + Voice bundle, you get 10% off each product (and you still get Mai for free as well).

After purchasing you can download Mai here: Free Voice Databases for Synthesizer V Studio Pro - download > English > Voice Databases > Free Voice Databases for Synthesizer V Studio Pro (dreamtonics.com)


Thank you Claire! So if I buy the bundle I can choose of one of the singers and with Mai you have two vocals?

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Yes, the bundle gives you the choice of any one additional ‘Pro’ voice, but don’t forget that many of the voice packs also offer a ‘Lite’ version which you can use for free (but with stricter licences if you publish your work).

Thanks Mechie! I will buy the plugin and Keven and Natalie (!) as voices. This three are in a bundle for €197,60