Confused how to use SynthV in DAW

I’ve got SynthV assigned to an Instrument track in my DAW and I’ve created my vocal track inside SynthV and the DAW track is just blank. What is the right workflow from this point? Do I have to initiate a render to a WAV file in SynthV then import that to a different Audio track in my DAW? So every time I edit the vocal in SynthV I would then need to re-render and re-import? Or do people just not bother rendering until the final song mastering stage?

If you’re going to render a wav file you might as well use the software standalone to save on CPU and improve render times.

If you’re using SynthV as a plugin in your DAW, just press play in the DAW and it’ll route the audio output to the mixer like any other virtual instrument.

If you need multiple outputs (ie sending each track to a different mixer insert) use the option in the Settings panel and assign the channels the same as you would for Kontakt or a multi-out drum VST.

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