Midi Import in a desired position?


How I can import a midi file to an exact position in Synthmaster V ? I mean often i want the lyrics not in the beginning of the song but in Position XY, but when I import the midi file from Cubase (Melodyline) in Synthmaster, it always starts in Position Zero.

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Claudio Tropeano

Cubase is likely trimming the empty space from the start of your MIDI sequence before saving it as a file.

You can add a note to measure 0 in your DAW to force it to keep the space before your melody.

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I’ve just started using synth v and came across this problem yesterday.
Create your melody line in Cubase - say bar 81-88.
Set your locators from bar 1 to 88 and double click.
Merge the 2 midi parts (glue).
Export midi file.
Working for me at the moment, but it is frustrating.

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Thank you very much for the fast answer! Yes, I agree. The workflow must be better. I hope future improvements will also work on that.

Thank you very much. I hope they will work on the workflow.