A choir/choral voice bank is needed desperately!

I, plus many of my choral composer friends would be all over it!

Men’s Choir
Women’s Choir
Mixed (M&W)
Boys Choir

This is one of many tracks I intended for choir.



+1 for that :wink:

there’s already EastWest products for that … EW Choir with the word builder

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Alas, EWQL Choirs with Worbuilder technically produces sounds that resemble choral singing, but musically and technically it is so inferior to Synthesizer V as to be laughable.


or maybe you could use a plugin such as harmonizer (vieklang) or antares choir

Forgive me, but those libraries are mainly suitable for creating epic choruses sung in Latin. With Synth-V’s technology, you can go further and satisfy any musical style.

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yes, I am aware, I have both, but EW Choir is not only able to make such Latin, I made them sing in my language too, just need to tweak the phoneme actually …

I hope Dreamtonics can make choir VB one day
good luck with your wish @rdecosta

I couldn’t agree more. I run a large choir organisation in canada and Since September I have been using synth v To realise my modern Choir arrangements, and it has been life changing. A few weeks ago I wrote to synth v requesting a choir voice. No reply, of course. I’ll make do with what I’ve got for now i guess. it’s still far and above having to sing and record my own parts as i’ve been doing since 2011!


I make my own ‘choir’ using a single voice for each part and then adding Waves Harmony to fatten out the vocal lines and blend to form a choir.

Here’s Waves interface (very easy to use):

The Soprano line:
Single Soprano

Added Harmony (unison voices)
Doubled Sopranos

… to be continued below:

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…continued from above…

Other parts added (Soprano II, Alto and Alto II)
Doubled Sopranos and Altos

Finally added atmosphere and Organ …
Full Choir and Organ

Simple, easy to do and a great time saver when laying down arrangements to hear what works and what doesn’t.


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