Multiple vocal copies ??

Hi, nobody seems to want to help on my ‘Copy/group’ question, so let’s try another.

I have several notes singing 'La" as harmonies. I want to try them as ‘Ooh’

Is there a quick way to replace ALL the Aahs with Oohs in one go?


how about using the select all lyrics script or shortcut? Cmd+A → Cmd+L and replace all lyrics

yep, as per @odhot, it’s here on the menu bar:

Thanks GBT … looks promising but where do I get it please? Not in my latest version

Hi @davec, they are in the script folder which on my system is here:
C:\Users\“your username”\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\scripts

This is the actual file that should be in that folder above: (1.8 KB)

Once unzipped and copied to that folder you’ll need to rescan (under the scripts menu drop down) for it to appear.
Then just select and define what phonemes you want to change to what.


Thanks, I’ll try tomorrow.

Replacing the lyrics with a script is probably the easiest approach, but this is a quick fix using just the built-in tools, and without having to type or copy/paste the lyric repeatedly:

The “pattern fill” option of the Insert Lyrics dialog will apply the lyrics to each note in order, then repeat once it runs out of lyrics. This means if you only enter one lyric, the same value will be put in all selected notes.

  1. Select the “aah” notes
  2. Press ctrl+L (cmd+L on Mac) to open the Insert Lyrics dialog
  3. Replace the text with “ooh” (or any other single lyric)
  4. Check “pattern fill” and press Okay

(but also, as a final tip, the Japanese u might sound a bit more like “ooh” than the English uw, since the English phoneme is tailored to vocabulary rather than arbitrary vocalizations or onomatopoeia)

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Thanks Claire, because you have answered some of my previous puny questions you will have grasped how crummy I am. How do I get the Japanese u please?

You can select the note and change their language at the top of the Note Properties panel. Once they’re set to Japanese enter “u” as the lyrics and you might find it to be a more preferred “ooh”-type sound.

If you want to switch back, you can either press undo a few times or set the notes back to English using the same dropdown in Note Properties.

Ta muchly.

yet I also answered your question … and you did not even bothered … lol just kidding. Enjoy your stay

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