Cutest non-AI voicebank for Vocaloid-like voice?


personally, I have the impression that while the AI voices are very impressive, they sound pretty different than the slightly-nasal and a bit robotic sounding Vocaloid/Crypton voices. Sometimes, I actually prefer those kind of less-human sounding voices.

Which is why I would like to buy one or two of the few non-AI voices available for SynthesizerV Studio.

And I wanted to ask: Which non-AI voice would you recommend for high-pitched, cutesy anime style of voice?

Personally, I have been looking at Tsurumaki maki, Aoi/Akane and Koharu Rikka. Which one of them would you recommend?

I also have the free Yamine Renri, who sounds great, but doesn’t sounds very cutesy and is better for more serious type of voices, I personally think.

Thank you a lot in advance!

The Kotonohas are easily the most cutesy of the available options. Koharu Rikka Standard is a very good choice if you want a bit more versatility while still having a lot of potential as a cute vocal. Maki Standard’s appeal is entirely based on how you feel about her “twanginess”.

In most cases, any voice can be made to sound more “cutesy” by reducing the gender slider.


@claire Thanks for the reply, and the great examples!

From the examples alone, my favorite would be the Kotonohas. The Koharu Rikka example is a catchy song, but lacking a bit of cuteness in the voice, if that makes sense. I will try to check out more examples, but it’s also hard to find songs with her that don’t use her AI version.

With the gender slider, I find it pretty hard to find a sweet spot that sounds somewhat “natural” and not nightcore/baby voice/autotune-territory. Then again, I mostly used that on ANRI, Saki and Mai, so maybe it will work better on the other voices (I should really try out the Lite versions).

Tsuina-chan std.

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