Synthesizer V AI Megpoid: New Japanese voice database from INTERNET Co. Ltd. available December 20, 2023 (yes, that's GUMI on SynthV)

Based on the voice of renowned singer and voice actress Nakajima Megumi, Megpoid is coming to Synthesizer V Studio on December 20!

Megpoid/GUMI is often recognized as one of the most popular Vocaloid voicebanks, especially by the international audience. She debuted for Vocaloid2 in June 2009 and has seen numerous releases in the years since, and many of the most popular English vocal synth songs feature Megpoid English for Vocaloid3.

For those unfamiliar, “Megpoid” refers to the software, while “GUMI” is the name of the character, and she is often referred to as “GUMI from Megpoid” by Internet Co.

You can learn more about Megpoid/GUMI on the Vocaloid Wiki: GUMI | Vocaloid Wiki | Fandom

Two demonstrations of her upcoming SynthV Studio voice database have been posted, and her vocal modes have been confirmed as Ballade, Cute, Soft, and Vivid.

(DeepL translation)

:sparkles:NEW​:sparkles: :microphone: ‘Synthesizer V AI Megpoid’ will be available on 20 December!

It reproduces the transparent and natural singing style of singer and voice actress ‘Megumi Nakajima’.

Pre-orders are now being accepted in our online shop. Thank you very much. :bowing_woman:t2:

Product page on Internet Co’s website:

And press release on DTMstation:

Digital download: ¥9,680
Physical edition: ¥10,780
Physical starter pack with SynthV Studio Pro: ¥19,800

Pre-orders are available from Internet Co’s website. We can likely also expect international purchase options available from DLsite and Amazon Japan in the future.

Synthesizer V AI Megpoid|株式会社インターネット (


The way I divorced GUMI V6 so fast upon this announcement. I sincerely don’t enjoy tuning VOCALOID6 AI. TTATT

All that procrastination and WIP hell for this GUMI original that my friend and I are working on PAID OFF. We are THRILLED she is coming to SynthV! It’s going to be so much better to tune in for me. TTATT

(Which also means I can share the end result on this forum~! <3 )


VocaSphere News has shared various highlights from the X/Twitter Space hosted earlier today. I’ll summarize some of the main points, but you can find the full thread and listen to the recording here:

  • GUMI SV is not meant as a full replacement for her existing Vocaloid6 voicebank, but rather the goal is to provide options for multiple platforms
  • There are no concrete plans yet for other Internet Co characters to be released on SynthV Studio, this will depend on how well GUMI SV is received
  • There is no lite version to confirm yet, but it is “likely” that one will exist someday
  • No plans for a Voicepeak voice database (Dreamtonics’ speech software)
  • Contests are under consideration

Jokes on them because I divorced GUMI V6 and am fully replacing her personally-


This might be the biggest release for SynthV since it started, right? Or at least the most famous voicebank overall that is now going to be available for SynthV.

GUMI is such a legend, and doesn’t need to hide behind Miku in terms of hit songs (King by Kanaria comes to mind immediately, as well as some amazing older deco27 songs). Teto was already a big thing, but now this is a really big, famous name with a long history/career coming to SynthV. Hope the industry will take notice and maybe, maybe, the Crypton-Loids will follow someday :sweat_smile:


Praying so hard for a Miku version rn :pray:

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I got so excited, I rushed to pre-order, but the page just hung when I clicked on the complete button. Just wouldn’t go through. I don’t know why I was rushing, it’s not like I’d get it any sooner than December 20 when it’s released, LOL.

I’m wondering though, are they preparing an English page so they can put a U.S. dollar price on it? Because right now, with the yen being so low, it would only cost me $65. I wonder if they want to put an $89 US dollar price for people overseas.

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Well gosh! This is gonna be a pack to handle.

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Am I dreaming right now?! I cannot believe I’ve been wishing for this so much (screams) I’m sorry, I’m just so excited!!! I can finally use my fave Vocaloid :sob::sparkles: Thank you for sharing the wonderful news Clair! I will be adding her to my collection!
Thank you SynthV :pray:

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Man, this is super cool! I can’t wait to hear her English.

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Turns out that for some reason, Chrome just wouldn’t work with their checkout page. I switched to Microsoft Edge and the transaction went through with no problem. Gotta love the current Japanese Yen to U.S. dollar exchange rate! I paid $65 for the download!

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