Physical Release Stardust


I have seen a lot of links to acquire Stardust as a digital product. But did she ever got a physical release?
And if yes. Which (brick or online) store sells her and ships to Taiwan? We have a friend coming over and it would be cool if she could bring me Stardust.

Thank you!

Stardust was only ever available as a digital download.

The same is true of the other Quadimension voices for SynthV Studio.

The only physical editions they released were for the original version of Synthesizer V from 2018; once they ported the voices to Synthesizer V Studio they did not get new DVDs made, and they sold their remaining stock as collector’s items only, with no product code included.

Thank you! I get it. I think DVD releases are a bit redundant but they are nice to have. I don’t even have a CD-Rom drive anymore. I am just used to buy games physically so hence why I wanted her too haha. But that’s fine.
I suppose my Taiwanese friend can still help me get her!