Is SAROS definitely coming on November 24th

Hey guys. Is it now final that Saros will be delivered this week, i.e. on November 24th? I was one of the first to pre-order and can’t wait. I think the demos are excellent

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Where did you hear that? The Eclipsed Sounds website still says “estimated mid-late November”.

From the FAQ at

When will SAROS release/when will their pre-orders open?

We are still completing development on SAROS at this point, but we expect them to be available on November 24th, with their Spanish capabilities in a beta state.

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That’s what I’ve just read. It was also noted in the last YT demo

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There’s been no further word, so you can probably anticipate the release of SAROS tomorrow, however they did say they “expect” that do be the date, so it’s always possible there could be some delay.

I just got it from Eclipsed Suport

Hi Tom,

Yes, SAROS is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! We will send out emails with the download, activation code, and any bonus files that may be included.

Thank you for your continued support.:clap::clap::clap:


Awsome news, I though it had be delayed to December… happy to hear will be able to start using it over the weekend!


I got the activation code and downloading it now so stoked about it
also new synth v beta is here

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