Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.10.1 VST port setting


I am using

Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.10.1
Synthesizer V Engine 2.8.1

I can’t find where in the menu system the setting for the port number to enable the use of the VST in my DAW (FL Studio)


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Select the appropriate channel layout from the Settings panel:

Then in FL Studio, open the plugin wrapper and map the channel outputs in the Processing tab:

Plugin Wrapper (

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Thank you Claire for looking at this issue. The screen shots you provided don’t look like what I see when I look at the settings.

I don’t see the Channel Layout setting under Audio.

The plugin wrapper in FL studio is indicating it is “disconnected” and provides a port number.

I can’t find where the setting is to add the port number withing Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor.

Uninstall the old technical demo from 2018 and use the correct plugin.

When running Synthesizer V Studio as a plugin you do not also run it outside the DAW.

I’m at my computer now so I can share a screenshot; the plugin labelled “Synthesizer V VSTi” is the old tech demo and can be safely uninstalled.

The plugin you should be using is the one called “Synthesizer V Studio Plugin”.

To be clear, the reason you don’t see the Channel Layout dropdown is because you haven’t loaded the software as a plugin.


Hi Claire

Many thanks. There was no installer (uninstaller) for the old VST so I deleted the files and removed the windows registry entries that referenced the editor. I am now using the “Synthesizer V Studio Plugin” as you show in your screen shot.

It all works fine now.