1.11.0b1: Audio-Export and "Render in Place" (Cubase/Mac) out of sync

I ran into a problem with the current beta and would like to know if some other user can confirm this: When using the plugin (directly, without bouncing any files) playback within DAW (Cubase/Mac) is fine/correct but the vocals get out of sync in exported audio files (like MP3) or when using “Render in Place”.

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I have the same problem, but with Studio One 6.5.1.
Everything is fine during playback within the DAW, but the exported project renders the Synth V part about a beat or half beat too early throughout the whole song.

This desync bug is from past version.
but, If you use ARA bridge, this desync maybe disappears.(this way is effective at least in my intel Mac Logic)

Yes, this is exactly the problem here (Cubase/Mac). Forced me to go back to the official version.

This desync bug is from past version

What do you mean? I never had this problem before and after reverting to the official version everything works as expected again.

but, If you use ARA bridge, this desync maybe disappears.

Even with ARA Bridge Link active the rendered audio is off.

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I do NOT get this error (Win 10, Studio One 6.5.1) - Everything plays back fine, and renders in sync. I can either use 1) song>export>stems>import to track, or 2) "transform to rendered audio, or 3) mix the whole song with tracks included. In all cases the Synth V Vocal is in sync just as it is in playback.

Therefore, if someone is getting this error, I suspect it is not a Synthesizer V issue but perhaps something to do with the system and particularly audio drivers, output and/or latency. I am driving everything through an ASIO Focusrite interface with a fairly low latency setting without getting the error. But perhaps on your system the audio of Synth V is going through some other audio path than the other tracks? This is just a guess, but try playing around with the audio settings in your DAW and main system, try ASIO, MME, WASAPI, WINDOWS NATIVE, or whatever other you have on a Mac, and perhaps one will work, and particularly if you are using an ASIO driver (highly recommended) try lowering the latency.

I have the same issue in Reaper.
The rendered ARA clip is 60ms early. I have to manually shift it back.
It is very easy to test, because if you copy and paste the same clip from the ARA track to the “Local Track” and let it play, the desync is already there.

Thanks for the suggestion, are you sure that you are talking about the beta version?
I do not think it is related to driver settings or hardware, because with the exact same setup and project files, I reverted back to the official 1.10.1 version and everything is fine again.

Yes, I am talking about the beta version. I never got out of sync with the old version, and don’t with either beta instrument plugin or beta ARA fx. I wonder if people are getting out of sync in beta with either the ARA FX or the VST Instrument (or both.) If it’s the instrument, that is a problem, but if it’s with the ARA FX that might be something to do with audio, or system settings. But just a guess. The instrument plugin in beta should playback like the old version, because it’s architecture is essentially the same, but the ARA is manipulating audio, which is why I thought it might have something to do with settings.

On another chat board (VI-Control) a user reported the ARA plugin stuttered in Reaper when trying to use it on more than one clip, but when he changed his buffer settings on the audio driver, it worked perfectly.


Thank you. Now knowing that there are people who do not have this problem, I decided to try again for further testing.
In my case, the problem occurs when used as an instrument plugin. Haven’t tested ARA yet.

I did a whole bunch of testing and found out that if you render the song from the very top of the song (1st bar 1st beat) it will render out of sync.
If you render from the 1st bar 2nd beat (or later) the song will render properly.
In Studio one there is a start and end marker, so I moved the start marker to the 2nd beat instead of the 1st. Usually I have 1 bar open at the begining of all songs so it’s not a big issue.

I guess this beta involves a lot of changes in tempo handling so it may have caused unwanted side effects to the instrument plugin.

For those having the problem, please give it a try.

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This is a very old bug and is not related to the current version, and the rendering desync has been there for over a year. I’ve reported it to Dreamtonics a long time ago but it’s always there. For me most often the render of a song appears as there are no vocals at all, but actually if you keep the Synthesizer V Pro plugin open when you press render, you can actually see that it just does not start rendering from the beginning of the song inside SynthV, but only after the notes, so It actually is rendering, but there just isn’t anything to sing as it’s rendering from behind the song.