Changed PC parts and now SynthV Pro is unregistered.

Like title says. I changed out my cpu, motherboard, and ram now the thing doesn’t register me as owning the product anymore. That being said for the life of me I cannot find the email and don’t know where to go or who to contact to get my serial code back because it isn’t even listed on my account on the store. I bought it back when I ordered Kotonoha off AHS in 2020 but can’t have any lucky navigating that either. Am I out of luck and have to buy it again or is there any chance I can get help retrieving it cause I still have all my voicebank codes in my email. And all the products I ordered are under the same name/two addresses I buy all the voicebanks/stuff from. Thank you for your time.

All customer support info is listed in the FAQs:

If you purchased from AHS you might have an easier time of it, because they use Cleverbridge for orders, and they offer self-service purchase history lookup: