logic export bug

when I try to export it like wave formate form logic it cut in and out. Its driving me nuts. It happen after the update. some odd reason it plays just fine when not try send out a file.

Same here. The release note of 1.10.1 says it is fixed but it is not at all fixed.
In fact - it it totally impossible to bounce audio in logic pro the normal way. Half the time the voices become holes. In one song there are 10-30 audio holes. it is unusable.

If I bounce real time - then I may be lucky to have an entire song done without the problem. But I can easily sit for most of an hour before i finally get a full song.

The strange thing is that when you just play in Logic pro everything sounds fine. The minute you bounce audio the problem happens.

It is only the audio from Synthesizer V that had the audio holes. The rest of the track is just fine.

I cannot even bounce the vocal track only. It becomes just audio holes even if I only ask Logic to bounce the Synth V track.

I am on a Mac Studio Ultra M1. I have 20 cores!! I have 64 GB RAM. I bounce to an internal SSD. The CPU load is less then 5% on all cores when I bounce. It is not a CPU load problem in any way.
It is a severe software bug in Synthesizer V

Please fix this. it is impossible to live with

I just tried using bounce in Logic with 1.10.1 and it worked fine. Tried both realtime and offline and both takes were perfect. I’m on Mac Studio M1 Max with 64GB and Mac OS 14.1.2 and Logic Pro 10.8.1.
No holes in the sound.