1.11.0b: Issue loading song previously created with Studio One 6 containing ARA plugin

Edit # 2: I created a new project & it is working fine now. I wonder if the problem was created when I had saved an SVP copy of the work as well (it seems to me I saw that in another thread or maybe in another forum - VI-CONTROL)? I am not going to do that any longer & hopefully that resolves the issue.
Edit: I was able to open a different project I had been working on & it seems to work fine there. Just not on the one originally reported here -
(In case this has happened to anyone else).
As soon as it gets to the point where it tries to load the plugin, it just hangs & will not load.
Reinstalled SynthV again, same results.
Email with debug file info has been sent to Dreamtonics support.
Windows 11
Presonus Studio One 6.5.1