Distribute a song made with Synthesizer V


I’m currently using Synthesizer V Studio Basic 1.8.1 (the free feature-limited version) on Linux.
Voice used: Solaria.

My question: if I make my own original song using this software for the vocal part, can I freely distribute it via RouteNote on various platforms (such as Spotify, You Tube Music, etc.)?

So I would like confirmation of what is stated in the Synthesizer V SOLARIA License Agreement:

Audio generated using the Synthesizer V SOLARIA product may be used commercially without limit in creative works such as music, podcasts, video games, (et cetera) without securing an additional license from Eclipsed Sounds”.

I await a clarifying response,
thank you very much.

You can use the Basic edition for commercial purposes without limit.

The only restrictions for commercial use are based on the voice database used.

You can find Solaria’s most up-to-date terms of use here: https://www.eclipsedsounds.com/solaria-license

In short, as long as you are using the paid version of Solaria, you can monetize your work.

Thank you.
So, if I understand correctly, as long as I post my song (using Solaria) on my (non-monetized) YouTube channel, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Is there any free alternative to Solaria that can also be used commercially?

There are no free AI voice databases that allow commercial use.

Correct, but if you’ve purchased Solaria (ie you are not using the lite version) then you can monetize the video as well.

If you are using the lite version then you cannot gain revenue from the song under any circumstances.

As claire said, I’m pretty sure there’s no free/lite voice available for Synth V that allows commercial use. But if you’re still looking around for vocal synths that allow free usage, you could try poking around the UTAU/openUTAU community? UTAU & it’s spiritual successor, openUTAU both allow diy voicebanks, and openUTAU even has some AI capability. Plenty of free voicebanks exist for UTAU &or openutau, although again usage terms vary on a creator by creator basis. However I am aware that there’s FREE ai voice banks available, I’m just not sure about their status’(stati?) of commercial use-allowance.

if you havent used UTAU or openUTAU before, i recommend getting into openUTAU and not really bothering with original UTAU unless you have a SPECIFIC reason to. Because openUTAU afaik can open any UTAU regardless of being made for windows or mac utau, and regardless of unicode(or not) encoding, which used to be a roadblock for utau. Plus OU seems to have basically all the features of utau plus a lot more? and you dont have to change your pc region to use it… so yeah.