Synthesizer V just keeps winning haha 💯

vvvvvvvvvvvv this is rambling, you have been warned lol vvvvvvvvvvvv
I like how so many voices are getting announced as coming to Synthesizer V lately, such as Kafu, Poppy(i think, right?), and now FREAKING GUMI. Oh yeah, and we did get Haruno Sora recently too!

Meanwhile we’ve got Eclipsed Sounds constantly changing the game with each new voice they release. 1st with Solaria, who set a legendary standard for quality when she came out, totally the premiere for english voice synth options, at least when she first released. Might still be at the top tbh but at this point it’s more a matter of taste imo since lots of v v v high quality voices have dropped since then. 2ndly motherfuckin ASTERIAN.
I think Asterian really showed that the technological capabilities of Synthesizer V were ACTUALLY “next gen” compared to the likes of Vocaloid (3, 4, 5, and 6 lmao).
And NOW THEY’VE DROPPED SAROS and like bitch you’re KIDDING, they are so so good. Saros has INCREDIBLE vocal modes, and a unique androgynous type of voice. They really served with that falsetto-as-a-vocal-mode thing.

PLUS SPANISH IS ON THE WAY. ABOUT DAMN TIME, i think the spanish-speaking vocal synth community is more than deserving of that XD tbh im surprised there was never a spanish vocaloid before. wait could Maika do spanish?? she was multilang i think, but i thought she was english-japanese-portuguese, mainly. Speaking of which, if many vocaloid voices have been getting updates for Synthesizer V, am I doomed for holding out hope that maybe Maika would get a synthesizer V voice someday…? x,_x, that’d be epic

OH OR ALYS??? ALYS + french O>O;; bruhhhh. speaking of, i saw Alys got open-source’d a while back