licence deactivation remote server


My HD got wiped off and guess what I cant use V synthesizer as its saying I have used all three? I only got it installed on one PC, and did have it on this laptop.

Qeuestion is where is the deactivation tool?


The deactivation button is in the application. There is no separate tool.

You should contact Dreamtonics at [email protected].

Thanks, I cant deactivate my licence as my whole HD got wiped off. I have contacted customer support to see what they can do, Most software I own has a deactivation tool or on site method to add or remove computers.

Activations for Synthesizer V Studio are stored locally on the activated device, not on Dreamtonics’ servers. The only things the Dreamtonics activation server does is track the number of activations used, decreasing the number when a device is activated, and increasing it when one is deactivated.

This means there’s no way to remotely revoke an activation, but it also means that the software can operate without an internet connection because it does not need to periodically verify with a remote server that the activation is still valid.

They got back to me and said it can only be activated on one single computer, yet I had it on my laptop and Im sure its said 3 activations. If the activation is locally then why am I locked from activated it again, and why cant they reset the server that has activations?


They may have misunderstood your issue. Yes, the software only allows one concurrent activation, but there should be two additional uses to account for hardware failure.

Did you explain that your hard drive failed?

Yes I did, they did reset it for me in the end. Thanks.