Gumi news, Unrelated Questions, an apology and my thoughts on V6

I’m excited to hear Gumi is coming to SynthV. I really wish this would happen for Avanna if Zero-G decides not to update her. I love this vocaloid most and she’s the first one I bought. When tuned right (which I found easy) Avanna sounds unique and beautiful!

I haven’t got SynthV yet, not even the trial version. I got V6 because I already had V4. I thought it was best because I was already familiar with these singers and I could still use Avanna.

I need to admit, I find getting SynthV to be a daunting task. Not monetarily, but for the sheer amount of things that can go wrong. Just some of the titles of posts on this forum had me freaked out. It seems to be better now and the voices sound amazing. I also love the amount of male vocals they are releasing.

What are some challenges you wish you’d known about before you started using SynthV virtual singers? If you’ve gone from Vocaloid to SynthV, what are some differences in you liked and disliked? I’ve heard poorly tuned vocals on both ends, so I don’t care about which brand is better sounding to you. I intended to get all of the virtual singers I want for my music.

I am fascinated by virtual singers in general and want a blend of many voices. Right now it’s just me, Avanna, Luka and Garage Band. I’ve set a goal of making at least 20 songs before buying another vocaloid and 50 songs before buying SynthV.

You didn’t ask for all of that, I’m sorry. But I’m really excited by this stuff.

Thank you for reading and I apologize for being so obnoxious in my last post. I was overly passionate and I’m sorry for that. Mostly apologizing to Claire. Sorry Claire and thank you for telling us this news about Gumi. The demos sound fantastic! Maybe it’ll pave the way for more voice platform crossovers.

Ps. (You didn’t ask for this either. Feel free to skip)
For those of you considering V6, here’s my experience.

V4 was the best but V6 isn’t ALL that bad, just too many steps for tuning. What took me 3 steps in V4 now takes 5 or more steps in V6. I’m making progress faster than in V4. But the editor is trying to do to much for me, making it easy to overtune the vocals.

The presets are customizable but overwhelming in number. You can create and name your own presets. Honestly, vocaloid singing quality has gone down with AI. I think they rushed too quickly because of what SynthV and Cevio have accomplished.

I personally don’t expect vocaloids to come sounding super realistic out of the box unturned. Some people enjoy the idea and sound of a robot trying to reach you and doing its best. They should have stuck with the V3 and V4 sound! Just my opinion, don’t mind me.

I’d used Vocaloid 3, and found it frustrating because there were always issues with English pronunciation. Avanna has a lovely voice, but her articulation had issues, to the point where I’d mix and match with Yohioloid to try to get a correct pronunciation.

Moving from Vocaloid to SynthesizerV was a no-brainer. SynthesizerV sounds more like an actual singer. The Vocaloid resynthesis model seemed to give the vocal a glassy, artifical sound.

If you read through the tutorials, I don’t think you’ll find moving from Vocaloid to SynthesizerV as traumatic as you seem to worry it will be. Like with many kinds of software, learn the basics first. If you don’t want at AI sound, you can stick with the “classic” pitch deviation model and it’ll work just fine.

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If I would like to have my favorite virtual singer released on a different software, that means I find that software very cool and think the developers would do my favorite virtual singer justice. I am well aware of Avanna’s pronunciation strengths and weaknesses. Although I’ve figured out how to fix them, maybe her going to SynthV would fix those weaknesses completely? I want both the “glassy artificial” sound and the realistic human sound in my music. I told you I don’t care which software you think sounds better or more realistic. I intend to use both as many artists I listen to do.

You exaggerated what i said. I don’t think using SynthV will be a traumatic change. I’m sure it’ll be smooth and I’ll love using it too. But i am a beginner in music, so everything is difficult no matter what I do because I’m learning a consistent work rhythm. I made an observation based on topics I saw when I first got here and asked questions to alleviate my concerns. In time, I will add SynthV to my virtual singer library.

Of course you found V3 hard to use. So did I, so did other dedicated Vocaloid users. It came out in 2011. SynthV came out in 2018. Yesterday’s tech will always be hard but that helps tomorrow’s tech improve. I was complimenting SynthV’s Ai craftsmanship based on my experience with V6 Ai. To me, V6 Ai sounds worse than V4 and is light years behind the realness of SynthV. SynthV and Cevio are winning the AI Games hands down, no contest.

I didn’t post this to bash SynthV or put a plug in for vocaloid. Buy the instruments YOU want. I asked for real, direct and concise user experience for a product similar and yet VERY different than what I use. If I played violin and this were a cello forum and I asked what should I know before buying a cello, would you have told me you found the violin irritating and that using the cello is a no-brainer as long as I do what the trainer tells me?

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but their should be no confusion as to what I’m here for, why I posted my questions, and what answers I do and do not need.