How to Copy and Paste a Complete Section?

I tried copying and pasting a section from one part of a song to another, and I want to keep both. I carefully tuned and worked on the original, but when I copy and paste it, the paste reverts to something else, depending on whether it is Sing or Manual, but doesn’t copy the tuning work I did on the first part.

Is there something I am doing wrong? How can you make a COMPLETE copy and paste?

First make sure the notes are in Manual pitch mode. Sing/Rap modes will automatically re-generate the pitch when you change them, so if you like what you have, lock it in with Manual mode.

Then, select all the notes you want to copy/move/etc. and choose “Select Parameters for Notes” from the right click menu. This will select all parameter curves for those notes (even the ones not currently visible in the parameters panel), while also keeping the notes themselves selected.

Then either copy, cut, move, or group your selection.


Thank you Claire,

I tried that and it still re-writes the pitch curves and loses the tuning of the original. It is in Manual Mode, and I tried copying and pasting, making a group, or even duplicating the track and dragging it later in the timeline, but every method re-writes the pitch curves.

It is easy to render it and copy and paste the audio in my DAW, which I what I did to make the audio below. But I wrote a song for the Eclipsed Sounds Asterian Song Contest, and their requirements are that you must submit both an audio mix and the original SVP. The chorus and background vocals in the audio repeat at the end until the fade-out, but they are copied in the DAW and don’t show in the SVP. I wonder if they will accept the SVP as it is, which is missing those parts, because I cannot duplicate them?

The pitch should only change if the notes are not in Manual mode, or if you “leave behind” the pitch deviation parameters when moving them, so I’m not sure what else the issue could be if you’ve already accounted for those two things.

As for the SVP not matching the mix exactly, I really doubt you need to worry about that. Eclipsed Sounds just wants you to show that you actually made the song you’re submitting, it’s very normal for audio files to be chopped up, copied, retimed, etc. in the DAW.

Thank you Claire, I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me. Perhaps it worked in the old version but not the new beta?

Anyway, the SVP has all the vocal material, but it is repeated in the DAW, so I hope they accept the file as is. Here is the song, and you can hear the chorus repeats twice at the end, but there are lots of background vocals and I didn’t want to retune them all just for this purpose.

Asterian (with Solaria) - Ain’t Nobody Else For Me

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You have a wonderful feeling for naturalness in singing and that is a big plus in this song with Asterian. You found the position of the voice for him, when it approaches the human and caressing bass, and the song is written for it. Vocals and music are also up to par. But I understand your hopelessness when you know you have extra. I think time will tell, like everything else. Over time, technology moves forward and you will find new possibilities that will fulfill you. I have a similar situation, but have not with the synthesizer technique, where I am at a lower level than you, but I have a problem with phonemes. I write Czech texts, I can’t write others in another language. The time I spend on singing Czech exceeds the time spent working on music and editing vocals in the synthesizer, mixing and mastering. I have two friends who are good singers (both sing better than me), where one sings only in Czech and the other sings very little in English. When I play something for them, they tell me: “Yes, it’s quite good, it’s just that their Czech language bothers me, why don’t you sing it yourself?”. They won’t understand that when I work with AI singers, I gain an insight into singing that I never dreamed of before. But even here it will take time, but maybe with the help of Spanish I will get further.