need a tutorial video how to use ARA feature ( 1.11.0b1) in Cubase

Pls can we have a tutorial video how to use ARA feature ( 1.11.0b1) in Cubase

I agree that there needs to be something better than what the current non English video is showing. I followed the instructions for the ARA use and it’s not working for me.

I can’t provide any instructions for Cubase, because Steinberg still has not made a trial available for Cubase 13 and they no longer offer trials for Cubase 12, but based on my observations from Reaper and Studio One:

  1. Add a track with an audio clip.

  2. Apply the ARA plugin to the track (in the same manner as how you would add Melodyne to a track)

    • Remember, ARA plugins are added to the track, because they modify/replace the original audio clip. It is not considered an instrument like the original SynthV Studio plugin.
    • That said, if you are just working with the vocals in SynthV Studio, not linking to an audio clip, you can still use the original VSTi instrument as before and it will benefit from the ARA Bridge for improved playback and tempo synchronization.

You can refer to this screenshot provided by Dreamtonics:

  1. In the ARA plugin, right click on the synced group and select “Extract Notes from Audio”, then perform further edits or adjustments within the SynthV Studio window.

Don’t forget that once you have added the ARA extension to the track, you need to double click on the audio to open the SynthV plugin window.
The only irritation is that once you have extracted the MIDI from audio, there seems no way of saving the pitch information when you save the project. I’d like to be able to work on the converted MIDi and pitch data either in the standalone version, or import using the normal VST plugin for more flexibility.
Exporting MIDI on one occasion from the ASA plugin caused serious error and crashed Cubase. Can;t seem to replicate at the moment.

Use File → Save As from the top menus to save an SVP file, then either open the SVP file in the standalone software (or in the regular VST instrument plugin), or merge it into an existing SynthV Studio project with File → Import as Tracks.


Thanks Claire, perfect. This was actually what I was doing, but forgot that you need to disband the group before it displays all the pitch data. Sorted now! Superb.

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Is it possible to get the isolated track aspiration with the ARA version? I can’t figure how.

As far as I’m aware, you’d still have to render out the parts from the plugin to get the isolated tracks.
Then just import them back into your DAW.
I tend to do this anyway, or save the project and import tracks using an ordinary VSTi instrument.
Gives you a bit more flexibility.

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