Original - Rainy Christmas Eve In California- w/Saros, Hayden + Ritchy

An original Christmas Song from around 1993, I finally have a way to ‘sing’ it. But I need help with SEVERAL things - controlling the long tones on “fire” and "choir (kwire?) and getting the plosives to sound - ‘p’ and ‘t’ not ‘b’ or ‘d’
Ignore the mix, I suck at it. Saros lead, sounding quite James Taylor to my ear. Hayden hi harmony, Ritchy low. Backup band is Band-In-A-Box featuring Phil Woods on sax licks. I plan to add string underscore once the lyrics are clear.
Thoughts and prayers… Don’t be gentle, I’m 81, and don’t have time for polite sniff-arounds. Got something to say, say it, please. Thx.
Rainy Christmas Eve in California

“Fire” is either one or two syllables depending on the speaker’s accent, and "choir’ is generally two, but is somewhat similar due to the “ire” ending. Both words are considered two syllables by Synthesizer V Studio.

By default (in version 1.10.0 and higher) SynthV Studio will allocate equal timing to each syllable if both are contained within a single note, but for words like these it can often sound better to treat them as single-syllable words (at least for timing reasons) by disabling the “Evenly split note into syllables” checkbox in Note Properties.

See the difference here (please note this setting only applies to situations where a single note contains what the software detects as multiple syllables):

If that doesn’t do the trick, try adjusting the phoneme duration sliders (also shown in the screenshot) to get the timing you want.

If that still isn’t enough, try separating the syllables into individual notes so you have better control over the timings.


If you need even more control, you can always go even further and allocate the individual phonemes to separate notes by typing them above the notes. This will offer the most control, but also loses the benefit of the software’s automatic phoneme timing, so it can be a bit harder to get a natural result.

Regarding voiced/unvoiced phoneme pairs like p/b, k/g, and t/d, you can check the responses to this thread:

Thanks, Claire. I have been playing with several of these without success, but I forgot/couldn’t find the syllable timing sliders. My best result still is three syllables, fi-ee-er. Or faar, too country-sounding…I’ve tried adding in additional aspirants from the file, but that’s going to take practice. I did view the MAI thread previously, I’ll try to map these ideas into the next round. I have two other tunes I’m working on with similar issues, one is not complete, there’s a lot of words - and the other I can’t show the video so I’ll have to do what I did with this one- fake it.
I am, though quite stoked at having this app, I write but cant sing (I even wrote a blues called, “I can’t sing the blues,” when I get more skills I’ll make a mock-up.
For now, thanks, I’ll see how much of this I can grok.

OK. after a bit of experimenting, R’ing TFM and generally getting lucky sometimes, I’ve got a basic version. Saros still lisps “Christmas” a bit. Added graphics from Dall-E, discovered they are not ethical so had to redo the whole video with Firefly pix (but those images more accurately describe what i asked for, so win/win.) Here is the update link: Rainy Christmas Eve In California

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Your original vid link shows as removed, I understand why but …
The new link is currently marked as private?

Thanks for telling me. It was supposed to go “live” at 8:15 this evening… Sorry 'bout dat, I don’t do it very often. i write 'em, I can play '[em, but I CAN’T sing 'em. IF I can get this puppy to bark… Try in a while.

Try it now… Thx.