[Sale] AHS products 10% off on DLsite until Jan 9, 2024 (including SynthV Studio Pro)

Synthesizer V products sold by AHS are 10% off when purchased through DLsite, until January 9. This discount does not apply to purchases made through the AHS website.

Since items on DLsite are priced in yen, the current exchange rate means this will be a much cheaper option for many international buyers, especially those in the United States.

If you have any coupons, you may be able to use them in addition to the sale discount. New users can get a coupon for 30% off the first purchase by using code DLsiteWelcome30 when registering. All products are digital download versions. This means there is no Pro + voice bundle, since AHS’s bundle is physical-only.

In addition to SVDs developed by AHS, this also includes:

This sale will likely not include products developed by AHS which release during the sale period, such as POPY, ROSE, or Megpoid, even if those SVDs do become available on DLsite.

The language warning displayed on DLsite is not relevant to Synthesizer V Studio. This warning is shown for all software because many things sold on DLsite are independent games which may not have been developed with international audiences in mind.

Synthesizer V Studio is the same software no matter which storefront you purchase from, and does not require your computer locale be set to Japan.

As always, please make sure you keep your product keys in a safe place. Each purchase will include three codes; the activation code for the purchased product, an AHS support number, and a 90-day trial code for Charamin Studio (a music video software made by AHS).

Software installers can be downloaded from DLsite, but you will also be able to use your product code to download from Dreamtonics or from AHS after registering via AHS MyPage.


Thanks I had been watching for holiday season sales and just got DLsite’s Synth V Pro + Natalie for $89USD (total) after the 30% signup discount. I wish they had Solaria, (unfortunately not) though even adding the extra VDB on top of this is not much more cost than The $151 Dreamtonics Synthesizer V Studio Pro + Any Voice Database Bundle. Now I just have to find the time to start playing with it!

Hi! May I ask if it’s just 30% off one purchase, or 30% off whatever you buy? I really want to buy more than one VB :open_mouth:

Pretty sure it’s the entire first cart, but I’m not certain.

You should be able to tell during checkout based on the price of each item.

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Hi! May I ask if it’s just 30% off one purchase, or 30% off whatever you buy? I really want to buy more than one VB

The wording on the site made it seem like one item only, but it did give me 30% off on both. You can preview the amount after discount before paying. Try it!

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I only got 10% + 15% coupon. Still cheaper than usual so I bought Natalie.

I can’t access the site, it always says “403 Forbidden”.

Is the site region-locked for Europe maybe?

I think DLsite is unavailable in Germany, but I’m not certain about others.

I’ve heard prople from France and the Netherlands have purchased without issue, so it’s not the entirety of Europe.

I bought from Spain. The only thing is that I could not use the 30% voucher, website only allowed to use either a 15% or a 300Y voucher.

The 30% voucher can only be obtained by using the code DLsiteWelcome30 when creating the account.

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Thank you @Claire & @karyno I’m going to make my first shop count! :pray::two_hearts:

Huge thanks @claire for this great tip!
Thanks to the 10% discount and new customer 30% I just bought Natalie and Kevin for
a total of ¥12,196 which is approximately $85.64! Wow! :grinning:

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