2 Bugs: Bounce issue and Audio export import into DAW tempo wrong issue

What’s their support email so I can email this to them? If memory serves me correctly some said they don’t look at the forum?

Bug 1: Bounce of SynV in DAW can be blank
Bounce issues, DAW and SynV is often not in sync and your bounce will be blank forcing you to do an export in SynV. Hammering the play and stop DAW buttons a few times with SynV open can fix it but if you don’t shift what you created to some point further along the timeline you will get a blank bounce, it most certainly wont line up with anything in your DAWs timeline.

Maybe related to previous version’s issue where DAW and SynV didn’t sync up playback correctly if external save file was used?

Bug 2: Export of WAV in SyncV from usage in DAW
To work around bug 1, an exported wav is required to be imported into the DAW session as if you were using it in standalone mode. On import of the WAV bitwig does not detect the correct tempo of the WAV, it seems to always be near half of what the DAW projects BPM is. Easy fix to type it in manually, but did notice in previous versions I didn’t have to do this. Wav meta issue? Meta data missing?

DAW: Bitwig Studio 5.0.11
SynV: Pro 1.10.1
OS: Win 10 Pro (latest updates installed)
System: i9 9900k, 64GB, RTX 4090, Scarlett 8i6 gen 3

You can contact Dreamtonics at [email protected].

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