Problem in Beta 1.11.0b1 using ARA

I have installed the 1.11.0b1 and it doesn´t show the ARA Bridge Link button in the application as shown in the video. In Cubase 13 it shows the ARA plugin as an plugin effect but when assigning it says “Failed to start plugin”

You can try these steps:

  • Restart your DAW and try again
  • Re-run the beta installer
  • Run the DAW as administrator if you are on Windows
  • Add the VST plugins as an exception in your antivirus software

In the future, please include the error message in the title of your topic. There are multiple topics with almost this exact same title about completely different problems, and other users on the forums will only know which is which if you include descriptive titles when you post. Just saying “I found a problem” means that others need to click on each topic to figure out what it’s actually about.

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Import an audio file, select “Synthesizer V Studio ARA Plugin” extension on the track.


Once an instance of ARA Bridge is loaded, any number of Synthesizer V Studio Plugin can connect to the ARA Bridge and synchronize playback and tempo information with the host.

both quoted from:

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Hi. Wonder if anyone else experienced this behavior… In Cubase (13) I add the ARA extension to a vocal track and it does its thing nicely (voice to midi), but then I remove the extension and I’m still hearing the SynthV voice and not the original audio - so it’s not letting go of the track. Actually I was surprised to see how well the note extraction turned out - interesting how it was able to pronounce words, spelling things like it sounds… :+1:
Other extensions, like Melodyne, goes away as expected in the same scenario… I know, it’s Beta and maybe not working as designed…

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An update… the part about removing the extension (Cubase) must’ve had something to do with the hardware not having enough juice - I did a hardware upgrade with a modern motherboard and NVMe ssd’s and that problem is gone… still not able to figure out why the tempo is out of sync with the DAW though… not sure if it’s because the tempo in the DAW is actually variable - the material was freely recorded without click track, so I’ve used the time-warp tool on it…

Got also this issue with the beta (b3):

Using Studio One 6.5.2

Hold down the ALT key while moving to a track …


It took me FOREVER to figure this out! The instructions said to add it as an Event FX, and the picture shows just dragging and dropping–but that adds it as as a channel FX–which I didn’t realize was happening. I eventually figured out to open the Inspector and adding it properly as an Event FX that way. All this time I kept thinking the ARA plugin is not working for Studio One 5.5!

But definitely, holding the ALT button while dragging and dropping is much easier! I never knew about this!