Why add Hokkien language in Synthesizer V is important? 為什麼在 Synthesizer V 中加入閩南語很重要?

The addition of Hokkien language support in Synthesizer V, or any other language for that matter, can be important for several reasons:
在 Synthesizer V 或任何其他語言中添加閩南語支援可能很重要,原因如下:

  1. Cultural Representation: Including support for Hokkien, or any specific language, allows users who speak that language to express themselves culturally and artistically. It broadens the scope of creative possibilities for artists who want to use the software to produce music in their native language.
  • 文化表現: 包括對閩南語或任何特定語言的支持,允許使用該語言的使用者在文化和藝術上表達自己。 對於想要使用該軟體以母語製作音樂的藝術家來說,它拓寬了創作可能性的範圍。
  1. Market Expansion: Supporting additional languages can broaden the market for the software. It enables users from different linguistic backgrounds to access and use the product, potentially increasing its popularity and user base.
  • 市場拓展: 支援其他語言可以拓寬軟體的市場。 它使來自不同語言背景的用戶能夠存取和使用該產品,從而有可能增加其受歡迎程度和用戶群。
  1. Global Accessibility: Supporting diverse languages promotes inclusivity and accessibility. It allows people from various regions and linguistic backgrounds to engage with the technology, fostering a more global and interconnected creative community.
  • 全球可訪問性: 支援多種語言可促進包容性和可訪問性。 它允許來自不同地區和語言背景的人們參與技術,培養一個更全球化和相互聯繫的創意社區。
  1. Artistic Expression: Different languages carry unique phonetic characteristics and nuances. By adding support for Hokkien or any other language, Synthesizer V can enable artists to create more authentic and diverse vocal performances, enhancing the richness and variety of musical expressions.
  • 藝術表達: 不同的語言具有獨特的語音特徵和細微差別。 透過增加對閩南語或任何其他語言的支持,Synthesizer V 可以使藝術家創造出更真實和多樣化的聲樂表演,增強音樂表達的豐富性和多樣性。
  1. User Demand: If there is a significant demand from the user community for Hokkien language support, adding it to Synthesizer V can enhance user satisfaction and loyalty. Meeting the needs of a diverse user base is often a good business strategy.
  • 使用者需求: 如果使用者社群對閩南語支援有很大需求,將其添加到 Synthesizer V 可以提高使用者滿意度和忠誠度。 滿足多樣化用戶群的需求通常是一個很好的商業策略。

It’s important for software developers to listen to their user community and consider adding language support based on user feedback and demands. This helps in creating a more inclusive and versatile tool that caters to the needs of a wider audience.

對於軟體開發人員來說,傾聽使用者社群的聲音並考慮根據使用者回饋和需求添加語言支援非常重要。 這有助於創建更具包容性和多功能的工具,以滿足更廣泛受眾的需求。

Hokkien languege have three types of writing system: Pe̍h-ōe-jī, Tâi-lô and Taiwanese Southern Min Recommended Characters.


Therefore I think the above three writing systems can be used.

Moreover, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and the Philippines are all places with a large population speaking Hokkien, but the language loss has been dramatic in recent years. I think it is necessary to add Hokkien.