SynthV deletes recovery file upon closing DAW project


This post was initially going to be very different, but I’ve been problem solving and have figured something out. I’ve tested this and it’s repeatable.

It appears that the SynthV plugin will stop saving inside the host after recovering a file. It will keep saving to the file that was recovered. The problem though is that it will delete the recovered file upon closing the project.

Which means, unless you know about this beforehand, you’ll loose all of your vocal work upon reloading the project, because synthV hasn’t been saving inside the host, and for some reason deems the recovered file unimportant.

This seems to only happen with files left in the recovery folder. When I copy the file out of the recovery folder, put it on my desktop, and recover synthV from that file, the file stays on my desktop.

  1. I don’t think it should delete anything from the recovery folder. Those are important files, they’re literally recovery files. Don’t delete them.
  2. I don’t think it should switch from saving inside the host to saving inside a file if you do a recovery. It was inside the host to begin with, and this is a recovery operation to get back what you had, so having the save location change is unexpected.

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to help, but this needs to be known as it’s a problem for anyone who doesn’t know that the recovery folder is an unsafe location and that synthV does this.

EDIT: Oh, and yes, I’ve reached out to support and have included this post as part of my help request / bug report / feature change request.

My mac doesn’t delete recovery files.
Computer or DAW’s setting might do something bad.