1.11.0b1 tempo/sig changes display in wrong place

This happens in the plugin as well as the standalone Synth V Studio Pro. Tempo changes and sig changes seem like they’re occurring in the right place but the display is totally messed up and they show on the wrong bars. Pic attached. The bar of 3/4 is very evident in the picture. You can see from the bar lines that there are bars of 3/4 at bar 3 and bar 5 but the 3/4 and 4/4 markers are all bunched up in the first 1-2 bars.

As noted, this happens in STANDALONE Synth V Studio Pro 1.11.01b (as pictured). It also happens in the plugin which was VST in REAPER 7 without the additional ARA running (the ARA always seems to crash REAPER so I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s a different issue). I can reproduce this in STANDALONE Synth V Studio Pro, as pictured.

Send an email to [email protected].

Make sure to also mention which DAW you are using, and which mode you are using the plugin in (regular VST/AU instrument, instrument with ARA bridge, or ARA plugin with track sync). It will be easier for Dreamtonics to see this information if you don’t crop the screenshot.

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Good reminder. I will add the info. However, as noted, it happens in the standalone program, too (the screenshot is from Synth V Studio Pro running in standalone. But I will add additional info to the original post.

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