The piano roll screen is difficult to see

My request is to make the bar lines in the piano roll window more clear and bright. They are currently very difficult to see. I have tried adjusting the monitor color, but it is still difficult to work with.

At the very least, I would like the vertical and horizontal lines to be made more clear and visible, like in a typical DAW.


I totally agree!

  • 1 from me too - I think just having the bar line bolder may do the trick.

Also I would really like to have the option of the position cursor in both windows being aligned.


yes, smart idea! setting bpm could be easier, and selected melody blocks could show note name


makes sense

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On a Mac the GUI is just fine, but Windows PCs have a higher monitor gamma, which might cause problems with the black grid lines.
Light gray (definitely not white) might be a nice compromise for all platforms. Alternatively a slightly lighter grey for the background would solve the problem, but I guess lighter lines are the better choice and more pleasing for the eye in longer editing sessions, right?

Yes!!! Totally agree

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