Delete syllables or words from a group of selected notes

Hi, is there a way to Delete syllables from a group of selected notes?
I can only delete the word or syllable note by note.

This depends on your specific use case.

If you just want to change the phoneme sequence for every occurrance of the same word, you can add a dictionary entry for that word:

If you want to select all notes with a specific phoneme sequence and delete them, and you have the Pro edition of the software, you can use my “Select All With Same Phonemes” script to select every note that has the exact same phonemes as the one you’ve selected (and then press the delete key to remove them all):

If you want to change the phonemes for all notes with a specific phoneme sequence, which are not all occurrences of the same word, you can use the script above to select them, then use my “Set Phonemes” script to manually set the phoneme sequence for all selected notes (it’s on the same page as above but here’s the link anyway: svstudio-scripts · SynthV Studio scripts by Claire)

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Hi Claire, sorry the delay to reply.
Thanks your explanations and the scripts, great help for me, i’m learning the plugin, each day i found new tools.
Thanks and regards one more time.

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