Questions about copy/replace text

I’m sure this has been discussed previously but cannot find anything when searching. Strange… :thinking:

  1. Is there a way to change multiple initial "La"s to Ah or Oh? For a background choir.
  2. Is it possible to copy only the lyrics from one track in Synth V and past it to another track? Have created new harmony tracks in Logic, exported them as MIDI files and imported into Synth V. I only have the correct lyrics in Synth V so I cannot copy from another source.

The simplest way to copy lyrics is with the lyric entry dialog (select the notes, then ctrl+L, or right click).

You can then either copy those lyrics to the other track, or into a text editor to be further modified (ie with a “find and replace”).

More specific things can be done in the editor using scripts, for example selecting all notes with a specific lyric/phoneme, but there’s a lot of variation in what people might try to do.

This topic might be relevant:


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