Synthesizer V AI 永夜Minus (Yongye): New Mandarin Chinese voice database from Beijing Photek

Quadimension has revealed the first demonstration for Yongye Minus (永夜Minus), the AI successor to their Standard voice database Xingchen Minus (星尘Minus), originally released in September of 2020. It seems her name has been changed to Yongye to distinguish the character from Stardust Infinity (who is also named Xingchen) and avoid confusion between the products.

This is the first SynthV product to be released by Beijing Photek since Stardust Infinity in February of 2022.

Pre-orders are available through Taobao, however there has been no mention yet of alternate international purchasing options. A precise release date has not been announced yet.



We are happy to announce our new voice library 永夜Minus for Synthesizer V AI! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Listen to the demo song 迷航 here:

Preorders are now open:

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The release seems to suggest some time around December 18 or earlier based on this notification when pre-ordering.