Bug on beta 1.11.0b1 I think

I installed the recent beta and appreciate the new features, though they still need work. My concern is that I created a project with it and everything seemed fine. Note that I muted a few sections with a note over top of them. I exported the audio and it was great until it reached the place where I had muted. It garbled everything after that point. So, I went back in to simply delete that section but the SV project seems “locked”. I can’t edit or delete any single note. When I select one note, they ALL light up. Trying to delete one, deletes them all. I reinstalled version 1.10, hoping that would resolve it, but when I open it now, the same happens. Any suggestions? I really don’t want to spend another day recreating it. Am I missing something?

Never mind. Just remembered the group function, which I’ve never used. Oops.