Export phonemes?

I want to generate MMD facial from phonemes, is there a way to export phonemes & timing?
Or is there already a tool/script to do this?

You can get this information in two parts (phoneme array and Note array), then save it with a LUA script:

  1. SV:getPhonemesForGroup(group)
    • This will return an array of phoneme sequences, where each index maps to the note with the same index in that group
  2. Get the notes for the group
  3. For each element in the array, check the phoneme sequence and get the timing with Note:getOnset() and Note:getEnd()
  4. Save the file with the native LUA functions

There is no way for scripts to get the specific timing of individual phonemes, so you’ll have to infer sub-note timing.

The script has to be made with LUA, not JavaScript in order to save a file.

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