Specific SVP Won't Allow Me to Bounce Audio

SynthV Version (including pro or basic)

Pro edition 1.11.0b1



Is the issue reproducible?

Environmental details:

Others have mentioned that this may be a DAW-related issue, however I was not using the ARA plug in, and, I had never bounced these files before nor put them into a DAW.

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When I attempt to bounce audio from eri gets mad.svp or eri gets mad mad.svp, the audio fails to bounce. I cloned eri gets mad.svp by using the Save As feature, and I’m still unable to complete this even if it’s saved under another name. I’ve ensured that the bounce path was valid and that the file name was valid as well.

  • Does it fail to save any files at all, or are the files empty?
  • Do you have multiple tracks with the same name?
  • Do you have track names with characters that are not allowed in a file name?
  • Are all tracks checked in the Render panel?
  • Are the tracks muted?

Hi Claire! Thank you for these great questions!

  1. Actually no, it creates a 100 KB blank wav file with the file name included.
  2. No, all tracks have different names:
  3. No, I don’t think so.
  4. Yes
  5. No, they are not.

Hm… okay… well, the only other idea I have is that maybe it’s some file permissions issue, but I’m not familiar with macOS so other than trying to save to different file locations, I’m not certain what you could do about that, or why it would be able to create the files but not write to them.

This is also a long shot but instead of “Save As” to make a new SVP, you could try opening a fresh project and using “Import as Tracks” to merge your SVP into the blank project.

No worries! I’ve never had this happen before so I’m doubtful it’s a permissions issue. I think somehow the file itself has become corrupted and I have no idea how.

Importing as tracks is a much better idea than what I did, I exported it as a MIDI and had to retuned the entire thing :sweat_smile: thank you!

I would also like to include the link to the .svp in case anyone is observing the same issue after editing the file path to match a valid path on the computer (heads up the svp has a lot of cursing in it, so fair warning) but I’m unsure how I can do this because the file sharing feature on this forum is only for images

You should be able to drag-and-drop a zip file into your forum message. On Windows this is done by right clicking on a file and selecting “Send to compressed folder”, I assume there’s some simple Mac equivalent you can use.