Unofficial Product Advocacy Team

Hi everyone!

In an effort to best support SynthV users and take my nerdiness to another level, I’ve started an Agile board for known existing bugs for SynthesizerV. I’ve personally had a hard time getting bugs resolved, and since I’m so passionate about this software, I want to do everything I can to help out with the bugs that do come up with this.

With that being said…I would love to maybe assemble a team of people that would like to join me! Feel free to DM me if you want to be added to this effort. This is on a totally volunteer-basis and has no requirements for it as far as time commitment, etc.

Here’s how I envision this effort:

  • I assemble a team of passionate advocates for Synthv

  • We establish ourselves as the ‘bug people’ and get looped in in various groups, discords, etc. when users encounter issues with the software

  • We help nail down the best pathway to escalate issues and discover the most effective way to get issues resolved

  • I create an email inbox list for the group and we routinely get CC’d on email reports, so that we can assist the reporter with following up on issues that have gone stale

  • OR, we offer to help file bug reports for those that might not feel they know how to the best

  • We host a monthly, optional stand up meeting (either audio or async text) to align on expectations, current outstanding issues, and strategize how we can best assist other users

If any of this doesn’t sound like pulling teeth to you and you would like to join me, please let me know! I’d be very happy to have anyone join me on this effort !:relaxed:

The possibilities of this excites me because… well, if we band together to report issues and deliver feedback about what we want out of SynthV, we can make an amazing product even better just by using it!

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Great idea. If I knew the program well enough, I’d volunteer, but I still have marginal control (especially after what i heard Mikado do with Natalie and Ella Fitzgerald. Gorgeous!) When I know enough, I’ll be back.

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