ANRI Arcane key match campaign: Owners of ANRI have until June 11, 2024 to claim their product code

Today marks the release of ANRI Arcane – a full remake of the ANRI voice database, based on new recordings and using the latest Synthesizer V AI development methodology.

This upgrade has been packaged as a separate voice database, rather than an update to the original ANRI product. Users who purchased ANRI before Dec 5, 2023 are eligible for a free digital copy of ANRI Arcane. This key match campaign runs until June 11, 2024.

The original ANRI voice database is now discontinued. Owners of the original product can continue to use it as normal, regardless of whether they claim a code for ANRI Arcane.

Full information about the offer:

Claim your product code from the Dreamtonics website:


This is just amazing, I love the Audiologie team!

Bought ANRI when she came out, so I was able to get ANRI arcane for free now. Tested her out a bit and boy, the new voice and voice modes are a massive improvement over the original, especially the “stronger” voice modes.

I want to try to make a short tune using her sometime soon. Hopefully I will have time for that during holidays.