Bring back custom vocal mode values

There used to be a way to set vocal modes to values over 150 or even into the negatives by opening the SVP in a text editor. This was a very neat feature to experiment with and I would like to see the ability return for those of us who want it. I understand that vocal modes are not intended to go outside the range of 0 to 150, so if there are concerns on Dreamtonics’ part about the idea of bringing such ability back (say, due to a loss of sound quality in the voice), I believe a solution would be to add it in the form of an experimental feature, with a built in warning stating that the voice database is not intended to sound like this. Perhaps add a setting called “enable experimental features” or something along those lines.

Since we are now able to automate vocal modes in the parameter panel, as part of the experimental feature I would also like to suggest the ability to set a custom “threshold” or “range” for vocal mode values in the parameter panel. As it stands, the range of values is always 0 to 150. With the ability for custom ranges of values, users could set the range as, for example, -100 to 100, 0 to 500, or even using intended values, 50 to 100, to allow the user to be more precise with their automation.

I believe what I am proposing with an “experimental feature” is a solid compromise for us advanced users who would like for more customization in Synthesizer V studio, and Dreamtonics who may be concerned with a loss of quality from setting vocal modes outside of intended values, and I hope they consider it (I have emailed them with a link to this topic).