VST3 Version not working + crashes Cubase

Plugin does not work in Cubase 13. Audio is not generated and when the plugin is unloaded, Cubase crashes and creates a crash dump:
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: NULL_CLASS_PTR_READ_c0000005_synthv-studio-plugin-x64.vst3!Unknown

(i.e. a programming error with an invalid pointer to an object)

Hi Frank, I have the latest version running nicely within Cubase 13 here, both as VST3 and ARA plugin.
More detail needed to help diagnose.

Ok, but this is the beta version with ARA support?

Correct. Beta version. Cubase 13 on Windows 10. No issues other than mismatched timing on render but there is a workaround for that.

Great! No crashes either? What workaround for mismatched timing?

Just start your render after start of measure 1. It’s good practice to start all projects at measure 2 at least to allow everything initiate properly anyway. No crashes here at all.