Unexplained audio

Occasionally, audio artifacts are left over after editing, where sound is heard and nothing in the edit window, so not sure where it is getting the information from.

There is a glottal stop highlighted in the resulting waveform. This is heard on playback within SynthV before the cursor hits the first event.


Having saved the project to send the SVP to Dreamtonics, I closed the program and opened and re-loaded. Artifact has gone! Must be a cache somewhere that needed clearing. Still may be a bug. Perhaps a button somewhere to ‘clear the cache’ if that’s what it is??

“Restart Live Rendering System” button is in Settings tab.
Or, moving notes near also recasts rendering.

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Thanks. Will try the button. Moving notes didn’t help.

You can also force a re-render of an entire track/group by changing a base parameter value in the Voice panel. For example, increase Loudness by a small amount then press undo.

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Just to let you know that had no effect. And also the first time I use the ‘Restart Live Rendering System’ button it no effect either. 2nd time it did. Very strange.
If anyone else wants to try re-creating the above starting at measure two, then play about with the first segment (the 'I), stretching it, moving it back then forward, you should be able to make this happen.

Here is how you may be able to reproduce:

Start new project. I chose Weina and English. Draw in a 1 beat note starting at beat 2. Give it the lyric 'I to put the glottal stop in before the word I. Emphasize the glottal stop by increasing length and strength to maximum. Shorten the note to half a beat. Then just move the note along the first and 2nd measure, back and forth, until you hear an artifact on playback before the note should actually sound.
Using Claire’s method above (increasing say loudness), it has no effect and artifact is still there.
But it would appear that using the ‘Restart Live Rendering System’ button DOES clear the artifact.
So at least we have a workaround for this.

So I think it must have something to do with the history cache and it must be rendering things which are still in the history, but not on the screen.

Ah, good to know, I guess changing a track parameter only refreshes the cache for areas where notes currently exist in the track.

I had no luck reproducing the issue with Solaria (I don’t have Weina). You’re sure that adding a new note over top of the artifact and then deleting it doesn’t fix the cache?

Ah, don’t think I have tried that. I suspect that too would work. I guess the thing to do is to close the program and reopen the project before doing final render so it’s not really a big issue.
As long as people are aware. Of course they can also easily be removed from the renders wav files once used in a project.

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Confirm that creating a new note over the artifact and then deleting also does clear any cached data still lingering.

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This happens regularly for me too. Restarting the render engine once or twice always fixes it for me. Its quite annoying!