What do you think about this?

I discovered some hacks to make cross-language synthesis of unimplemented languages (like French, British English, and Spanish*) sound better.

  1. Rolled R
    You can make a rolled R by using a note in either English or Mandarin Chinese and alternating
    dx er dx er dx er […]” (for English) and “t z` t […]”(for Chinese). This sounds better than the pre-existing rr phoneme in Spanish.

  2. English-type R within a Japanese note
    the e phoneme with masculine gender sounds like r.

  3. French É and English Short “i” as in kit
    the ih phoneme is the short i as in kit, but it can also be used as an é for French words. In a Mandarin Chinese note, use :\i for the same purpose

  4. Tapped R like in the Spanish word “pero” (as opposed to “perro”) in a Mandarin Chinese note
    use “t z`”

*I know SAROS has Spanish but it’s just beta support and will be improved in the future.