Parcelup prices, generation, and physical version

So im confused. On parcel up it says that shian, haiyi, cangqiong, and chiyu are all 7 dollars have dvds and are 1st generation now im america and i dont know if i translated it wrong or what but im confused


They are only DVDs. There is no product code included.

It’s just their way of selling remaining stock as collectibles after Synthesizer V Studio came out and the gen-1 versions got discontinued.

There is no physical edition of any Quadimension voice database for Synthesizer V Studio.

If you want to purchase any of the products, the links are here: SynthV Resources & Guides

Standard voice databases: Taobao | ParcelUp (please remember that Standard voice databases cannot use cross-lingual synthesis)

Stardust Infinity: Taobao | ParcelUp

Yongye Minus: Taobao | ParcelUp

I have one question, so there are no physical versions but these are dvds so what are they for? i know i sound stupid probably not understanding but im just confused.

They are for the old first-generation versions which are now discontinued. The original versions were for Synthesizer V, not Synthesizer V Studio. They are two different pieces of software.

After discontinuing the original products, Quadimension did not get any physical boxes made for their Synthesizer V Studio voices.

Ok thank you i knew that there was a 1st generation editer i just didnt understand, thank you